The following are the duly elected Officers and Chairman, Board of the Directors for October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2017.

National Officers:

Dr. Richard E. Constable, Chairman, Board of Directors
Mr. Ricardo Nugent, President/CEO
Dr. Robert Clarke, Executive Vice President
Ms. Jennifer Asher, Executive Secretary
Ms. Carol Williams, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Leonie A. Carter, National Treasurer
Mr. Patrick Williams, Financial Secretary
Mr. Mark Milward, Public Relations Officer

Regional Officers (Eastern Region):

Mrs. Sadie Campbell, Vice President, New York, NY
Mr. Derrick Harvey, Vice President, Atlanta, GA

Regional Officers (Midwest & Western Regions)

Ms. Veita L. Dennis, Vice President, Midwest, Detroit, MI
Mr. Binzie Roy Davidson, Vice President, Western, California